Stones Used in Silver Jewelry World
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Stones Used in Silver Jewelry World


Stones Commonly Used in Silver Jewelery Silver, which is a precious mineral, should also be valuable and natural pieces used with it so that unique works can emerge. Silver is widely used today. However, when stones are added from the depths of nature, not only jewelry, but also art comes from a workshop. Therefore, when making silver jewelery both in design and color harmony, particular attention is paid to which stone is suitable for which jewelry design product. In jewelry design workshops such as this, an expert will guide you. So what are the precious stones commonly used in silver jewelry design and what are the characteristics of these stones?


This stone, also known as firestone or planetary stone, dates back to centuries. In nature it is often found in a mixture of red or green. Agate stone is also said to have a strong healing property.

Ruby Stone

Homeland of Afghanistan, this precious stone is considered the most important ornamental stone. It is even called the Lord of the Stones according to the people of India. Stone also cures blood diseases.

Emerald Stone

The emerald stone is a compact form of a mineral. It is found only in green in nature. The highest quality and pure form is exported from Colombia. It is known to have a calming effect.

Mother of Pearl

Mother-of-pearl stone is natural like other stones. But unlike others, it does not occur in mines, but through the accumulation of organisms within a shell of a mussel. Among its properties it is known to be good for dizziness and beneficial to the eye.

Amethyst Stone

It has been used with great admiration since the past and has been adopted as a seal in some countries. The amethysts that look eye-catching with purple and locality colors come from the "quartz" family. Its properties include the effect of removing bad energy from the body.

Sapphire Stone

Sapphire stone, also known as ruby, is known to be the most precious of the stones because it is very rare in nature. The most prominent feature of this stone, which is mostly blue, is that it is good for some psychiatric diseases.

Onyx Stone

Onyx stones are the most widely used in silver jewelry. It is black in nature. From ancient times to the present day is known as the stone of luck. It is among the features in which the stone has great impact to get rid of any dependency.

Turquoise Stone

Sky blue color is the most compatible stone with silver. It is mostly used in women's jewelry in terms of color. The stone is embedded in silver and the color harmony is made clearer. Blood pressure and heart disease are known to be good.

Zircon Stone

Zircon, which is widely used in jewelry making, is generally colorless in nature. It is similar in appearance to diamonds. Particularly suitable for making rings and earrings with silver. It provides the emotional balance of the person.

Swarovski Stone

The most important feature of Swarovski stone is that it is produced in special laboratory with special mixtures. It is named after its inventor, Daniel Swarovski. Another feature of the stone is that a smooth surface is obtained by using special processes and is cut in a curved way. Swarovski stone; rock crystal, acrylic and glass.

Zultanite Stone

Zultanite stone in nature is usually found in the color of khaki green. It is almost the most precious of stones. Extraction of the stone from a single mine has recently increased its value even further. While the stone is red in sunlight, it turns purple in candlelight. Among the features of the person is known to make a serene spirit.

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