How is the ring size calculated?
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How is the ring size calculated?


When ordering a ring, we need to be aware of the ring size and add this information correctly to the order form. If you don't know your ring size, we can find your ring size for you by using one of the two simple methods below.

Ring Size

Method 1 (Diameter)

If there is a ring that you have already worn on the finger you plan to wear, take it in your hand,

Find a ruler in millimeters (mm),

Put the ring horizontally on the table and

Measure the inner diameter.

Do not take into account the metal part of the ring when measuring.

Be sure to measure the widest portion of the ring when performing this operation.

Read the millimeter from the ruler.

Please enter the measurement corresponding to the Diameter of Scale below on the order form.

Method 2 (Environment)

If you don't have a ring for your finger, take a piece of paper in strands or strips,

Wrap the paper strip on your finger, mark the point where the two ends meet with a pen,

Locate a ruler in millimeters (mm), and measure the part of the paper up to the mark.

These values ​​will give you the length of the circumference of your finger.

Please enter the measure corresponding to the ENVIRONMENT from the scale below on the order form.


Ring Size Scale

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